It is often noticed that people specially in urban areas embark upon massaging pain killer creams/oils etc on the swellings caused due to sprain or trauma.And that is wrong.The swelling occurs on the site as a result of tear of minute/small blood vessels followed by body response called inflammation.If it is massaged there is every possibility that more blood vessels will be affected leading to more swelling and pain.The ideal is to apply ice over it for sometime and repeating 3/4 times a day for 4/5 days ,along with rest to the part.Some times a broken bone may be found on X-Rays examination of the part.If so expert advice should be sought.
In my childhood I could member household remedies like putting a wet cloth over it , application of some short of small leaves and of course ,rest.I think that is something to-day we advocate.Is to-day’s massage is due to advertisements and overlooking ancient practices?

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