Now-a-days  focus is back on the age old and proven Yoga remedies for some of ailments.Yoga to me is a form of physical activity closely related to exercise.And as we understand walking is best exercise.I personally have experienced the effect in two of my discomforts. I had severe heartburn (occurs due to acid eructation) and irritable bowel problem.Heartburn  sometimes occurs due to lax muscular guard called lower esophageal sphincture. This sphincture prevents the reflux of stomach contents obviously mixed with acid present in the stomach. I propose walking causes rapid excursion of the muscular divide situated in between chest and abdomen called diaphragm. This diaphragm forms major part of the lower esophageal sphincture. So exercise of this muscular structure like any other muscle tones  it up  and in turn the sphincture to prevent  the reflux. Rapid inward and outward movement of abdomen also massages the gut and helps in normalizing it’s movement.Perhaps that is why I got relief from these two discomforts .


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