Type 2 diabetes mellitus is often treated with drugs called oral hypoglycemic agents.There are vast number of drugs in this category.After taking the medications the blood glucose level is to be checked again to see that glucose level normalises in blood.When it normalises and newly diagnosed diabetics often think that they have been cured of diabetes and discontinue the drugs.In a number of occassions I have seen this.Also sometimes as to-day some patients come to ask whether to continue the drugs. So the fact is that the normal blood glucose we see is as a result of effect of drugs those continued,not without the drugs. So how can we discontinue the drugs? Of course after taking other measures like weight reduction in obese and life style changes sometimes one may not need it. But that should be monitored by doctor to see if it is possible to discontinue the medications.That to repeated blood glucose estimations should be done.http://www.drppanda.wordpress.com


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