Tobacco is CONSUMED in many forms starting from raw to processed.In India it is added to limed beatle leaf along with beatle nut called PANA and chewed frequently.This chemical ladden fluid causes local changes in stomach and might lead to gastritis and ulceration in the inner layer(mucosa) of stomach.Recently one patient underwent endoscopy for pain in upper abdomen and dyspepsia having a history of tobacco chewing habit of 10 to 12 times a day. There was erosion of stomach mucosa.She was advised medications along with an advice to stop beatle.But she displayed an indifferent attitude towards the advice of doctor.I think as she was a PSU employee and had free access to medical doctors and supplied free medicines she wants to continue the bad habbit and at the same time would take medication to cure the ailment.This is what I call PSU mentality of patients.

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