Mouse wanders always and more so if checked.One innocent tumour of female breast behaves in that manner inside the breast tissue and so is the name.There occurs  usually a small mass sometimes larger one inside the breast tissue,firm to feel,usually painless and moves here and there when palpated.Occurs in young adolescent and towards menopausal ladies but age is no bar.It is seldom dangerous but fine needle aspiration cytology should be done.Formerly it was called fibro-adenoma but now-a-days classified under the group of benign diseases called the Aberrations in Normal Development and Involution(ANDI).This means there occurs some aberrations in the normal development of breast during the adolescent period and normal involution towards the end of reproductive life.This can be left as such if too small i.e.<2cms and can be nicely removed under a local anaesthesia as a day care procedure.Larger ones called Giant fibro-adenoma may sometimes require total removal of breast tissue.And always the fully removed tumour should be subjected to histo-pathological examination to confirm the benign nature because sometimes something more dangerous might be hiding.Even if so it can be an early detection.So it is advised to go for self breast examination time and again.


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