It is dawn of Good Friday and a holiday in most part of the world.As usual I started my walk at 4.45AM under the setting moon and gentle breeze.I had already set my PC to download a movie.Again the wondering thought prevailed on me as my walk progressed towards the seashore.That was”In the search of God”.Truly speaking personally I feel that we do not know what is life and who created us.While  resuscitating  dying patient I understand nothing about what is causing the patient to die .There is a very small fraction of difference between life and death.He was living now and dead within no time.We assign it to a little known cause i.e.Heart attack,Kidney failure, Respiratory arrest and excessive bleeding etc.But why this happens?Why there is a failure?We again assign it to some ill-defined cause.I think for a deterioration in the status of life is pre-defined and pre-timed. At a point  time some switch is made on to start the deterioration process.Is gene is the God?There has been tremendous work in this field.What little is known to me is that in the normal wear and tear process the genes get injured and the repair process is no more effective.If that is true what happens to the repair process ? Again mind can not calculate it.
If we and our earth are a part of this vast universe there bound to be similar conditions existing in some  other part of it.Can anybody even imagine where this vast universe ends and what is beyond that.I think there is no answer to it.
What makes the planets and stars so called magnetic.Why the system obeys certain pattern?
Is that something not known to our imagination guiding everything?
By this time about 45 minutes passed and I was back in my residence with so much sweating and un solved ,un imaginable and never ending quests.I saw my PC has downloaded only 35% of the movie while I started writting this.


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  1. #1 by Crystal Jigsaw on April 10, 2009 - 8:14 pm

    I guess at 4.45am you are entitled to think anything! But life is so mysterious I agree, and very precious too.Thank you for your visit to my blog, I am honoured to meet such an interesting person.CJ xx

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