First I thank English muse whose black cat prompted me to write this article to-day.It is a tradition in this part of our country India that not to go ahead in journey if a cat crosses the road in front of some body because it signals bad luck.I have read in a Daily news Paper abut the myth surrounding it.Earlier times cats were worshiped somewhere in Egypt or Italy and the punishment for harming the cat was more severe in form of cutting the limbs or even death. That was why commuters prefer not to go ahead while a cat was crossing the road to be doubly sure it was not harmed .And that tradition is maintained here in India a in form that if somebody goes ahead ignoring the cat crossing the road he is going to meet an accident.
Personally I do not obey it and not faced any accident either.But domestic cats do a lot of good in India by feeding on rats and acting as a scavenger. Researchers have found that association with cats from childhood may prevent allergic diseases.Having said this I have to mention that cats are source of some diseases like cat scratch fever and can sometimes be a cause of the dreaded rabies if not vaccinated against it. It is said That “If you have not seen tiger see cat” as it comes under the family of tigers.


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