Herpes are two types, namely herpes simplex and herpes zoster.Zoster is more often associated with Chicken-pox.Simplex usually affects the peripheral sensory nerve endings .It appears first with severe burning type of pain on some part of body usually around the face, there after reddish patches with small blisters.All along it is very painful. It became hard for me to diagnose one patient when it was involving almost one thigh with many reddish patchy eruptions and pain without any blisters.I was confused.Whether it is herpes or urticaria because the patient had taken some sea foods last night.But sceptically I diagnosed it to be allergic urticaria because urticarial rashes usually occurs almost all over the body but local involvement also seen and preferred site being around the face.After probably two days the blisters appeared making the diagnosis clear.Not many effective are available.Patient has to suffer from discomfort for some time in spite of the available treatment.Most distressing aspect is what is called post-herpetic neuralgia.This is a sort of discomfort and some times severe pain patient experience following healed herpes eruptions. Again not much medical help can be rendered except some symptomatic relief.Herpes of uterine cervix is sometimes blamed for future cancer cervix.
Having said this I propose that the computer viruses spread through internet.I think it is something like viruses in blood circulation in animals affecting target organs.As agents as drugs administered to fix them in the circulation ,will it not be possible to send some sort of anti virus agent to neutralize them in the circulation i.e. in the network itself .I hope this is possible.And this will help the end users to save on cost of anti virus products and ultimately national saving.


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