As usual I started my morning walk at 4.45 AM setting my PC to download some recent updates for PcLinux 2009.1.I headed towards the seashore and the moon was above the horizon.I wondered about life and death.How can it definitely be defined ? Somebody ,of course human is said to be living when his heart continues to beat,able to take respiration,moves his limbs,talks and responds etc.But vital among them are activity of heart,respiration and brain function.If brain does not function and still heart and respiration are there we call it a coma stage but not death.In addition to it if voluntary respiration stops but maintained mechanically and heart continues to beat still the person is not dead.And after that if heart stops we declare him dead.Again we say the person is clinically dead because cells live longer .That is the reason how transplant of organs possible.There is one state called suspended animation mostly a YOGIC activity ,described in India, where the person does not have any of the above described three parameters to think somebody is living. So the dilemma is how to say definitely some body is dead and basing on which parameters? It is said that electroencephalography (EEG)should not show any electrical activity of brain to be declared as dead.That not feasible everywhere.Again even with that cells continue to live about 6 hours and if organs are preserved the longevity of cells increases even up to 24 hours and longer.So what is death and life ? It is something seen macroscopically and also can be seen microscopically.Here the question is what caused the life to cease in the macroscopic form and maintained in the microscopic form for some time, to cease totally later?
Is it that the respiration i.e. oxygen in air is important or the the functioning of heart and brain?What caused these parameters to cease functioning properly? What regulates these? We know regular electrical activity is going in side body for proper functioning of different parts and organs.But who regulates it.Obviously many will answer it to be brain.But we can not declare death if there no brain activity but heart and lungs functioning and what about above described suspended animation.
In India YOGIS said something PRANAMAYA SHARIRA,Meaning life filling everywhere in the body.and that is true I think.The regulator center for these the electrical or electromagnetic activity resides somewhere say in brain the master of body.Now can we call it SOUL ? If so is it a group of cells or something else which has a free access to out side and again right to return to body ? Can it be an electromagnetic force as we give some imaginative name, The Soul to it.Is it possible that there is some mega center somewhere else, as we are a part of this unimaginable Universe and name it GOD? And is it that the soul the brain center for life is pre-timed for destruction in individual cases? But can be boosted to some extended time with healthy habits? And is it that an electromagnetic force The Soul is withdrawn from some wearing body after a certain time period and put somewhere else to make that live before birth only to be withdrawn again later?
This is to some extent mixture of science and spirituality.And some thing described in” The GITA “in India.
So many questions, is not it? Again life and death remained mysterious. unthinkable and unsolvable for me by the time I returned home.My download of updates for PcLinux was still not complete and I started writing this thought.



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