Usually the weight bearing joints are affected ,the most common being the knee joint followed by ankle and hip joints.There is lot of pain which commences when the joint is first used then to subsides a little but as disease progresses all the movements become painful.So many causes attributed to it.Weight gain and excessive wear and tear of joint cushion due to aging are much important.X-Rays evaluation reveals changes after a period of time and blood sample tests for other collagen diseases usually negative.
Patient’s satisfaction on treatment is not easily achieved as they heavily depend on medicinal treatment.But mainstay of treatment is weight reduction in case of obese and physiotherapy which patient does not comply to.
Some cartilage regenerating molecules ,methylcobalamin ,simple analgesics and physiotherapy with life style modification should give satisfactory remission. Interventional treatments such as local injection of steroids and other molecules can be tried.As a last resort knee replacement by synthetic materials can be done.

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