There are at least three types of gall bladder stones viz.cholesterol stones,mixed stones and pigment stones. Cholesterol stone formation may occur if these is mismatch between fat dissolving agents i.e. bile acids formed in liver and fat. Long term use of contraceptive pills may decrease the amount of bile acid synthesis. Dissolving agents are required because fat is insoluble in watery environment.Cholesterol stones are amenable to dissolution.
Basing on ultarsography report from an experienced sonologist one can guess the presence of cholesterol stones and
medical treatment can be tried with one of the dissolving agents, the bile acids, one of them widely used is synthetic ursodeoxycholic acid (this is naturally synthesized in the liver.).The status of dissulation can be monitored at least in 3 months interval .As documented dissolution can be possible in some cases but the medication has to be continued for longer period may be over a YEAR.


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