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At present entrance tests are going on in India for entry into professional courses like MBBS,Engineering and MBA etc. after 12th class.I read a good article in the local daily”The Samaj” and wanted to give my own comment.It has been described that students are preferring engineering stream over medical and I agree to it.In India medical service in Govt. Sector is not satisfactory.Now it is not considered to be a noble profession also.This is a set back and no body seems to be concerned about it.Time will come when this profession will only get entrants from back benches.
Getting to medical course is a difficult affair in a sense that one has to be thorough in pre-medical subjects.The time of study is longer than engineering and the study never ends i.e. one has to continuously go on updating himself through out his life.The dissatisfaction and indifferent attitude of general public towards the doctors has to be borne .The odd time of work i.e. at any time one can be called to attend patients.The false acquisitions by the patients  hurts  many times .Lack of infrastructure for professional growth i.e. even there is no roof for a doctor at some places.Good schools for study of their children is a day dream at many places.  And as a final nail on the coffin of aspiration to become a doctor is abysmal salary in comparison to engineering and MBA graduates. All these disadvantages are gone if one opts for engineering or MBA.
That is why there is brain drain from India.
I think time has already come in India for think thanks to explore possibilities for medical profession to grow in knowledge and change the outlook towards the profession. It is also true that along with general degradation in social value there has been degradation in this profession also.


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