Heart, Herz, Coeur, Anatomic DesignThe thicker slice is the left side and and the separator is the mitral valve.

“It leaves joints and bites the heart” is well said.Rheumatic arthritis has this notorious reputation.Most commonly affects a female of younger age group,usually having a history of long standing throat infection in the past.Bigger joints such as knees,elbows,ankles and hips are affected. Both sides are affected and shifts from one to other.Affected joints are greatly swollen,extremely painful and crippling associated with fever.This arthritis may occur several times to subside even without treatment.This is classified under the group of collagen diseases.The arthritis is diagnosed and confirmed basing on the Jone’s criteria.

After some time, over years it may affect the one way valve of left side of heart which regulates blood flow collected from the lungs after addition of oxygen and removal of carbon dioxide.The valve becomes rigid and narrowed in the course of disease to hamper the easy flow of blood. So swelling of face followed by extremities even abdomen occur with breathlessness and weakness.The patient may not be able to follow his/her day to day pursuits.This is called Mitral Stenosis.

Treatment to the fullest extent of the throat infection in the childhood is most important.Good treatment options are available even in the arthritic stage.Surgical options are available for mitral stenosis but recurrances do occur as well as other complications of surgery.

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