Surgical complication of Typhoid

Salmonella bacteria is a common cause of foodb...Image via Wikipedia

Typhoid an infection by Salmonella Typhi/Paratyphi of intestinal lymphoid collection also called Enteric fever is transmitted through contaminated food and drink .There are also human carriers of the disease.The disease is characterized by fever of long duration with rigors,cough and great prostration usually fatal if untreated. Diagnosis is based on clinical and Widal test .If treated adequately it is cured .Whether treated or untreated usually in pediatric age group patient may land up in perforation of intestine towards the end of second week or beginning of third week. It is invariably fatal. I have seen patients not doing well many years back.But not seen cases in the recent past perhaps due to advent of newer drugs.
Another community problem is healthy carrier status.This occurs due to inadequate treatment of the disease, the bacteria houses in the gall bladder and infects that.Here the asymptomatic patient distributes disease as makes own hands infected .
That is why it should be treated adequately.It also remains viable long time in the ice/icecreams made using contaminated water.

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