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At last there is some hope that monsoon will arrive in this part of world.Mercury is a little in the comfort zone in this dawn of longest day in Northern hemisphere.So I started my walk a little earlier,to be precise at 4 AM to avoid day light coming.As I approached towards the seashore the view inside the Bay of Bengal was somewhat likened to the number of lightened flats by the ships waiting for their turn to enter the Paradip Port.I could able to count about twenty ships.But I had learnt that there were about 50 ships in waiting.In the recent past this port is bustling with activity, thanks to the deepest draft here in the eastern coast of India.
En route I noticed much more lightning activity inside the Bay of Bengal.Lightning is a high voltage electric current ,occurs due to the potential difference between clouds or between cloud and earth.This could prove fatal if faced.This high voltage current may cause instant death from cardiac arrest or may cause a flash burn with  and the consequences .
To avoid outdoor during lightning activity is the best.But if already in outdoors run for shelter in a nearby house.Never stand below a tree , tall structures or electric poles.If inside a car one can stay safe there as ” electric field inside a sphere is zero”  and does not cause harm as per “Gauss” law .This update was given to me some years back by my elder son and reiterated by the younger.If inside house prefer to sit on non conductors such as wooden furniture.Should not go near the open doors or windows and never if wearing metal jeweleries.Unplugging electrical appliances and disconnecting cables are good preventing measures to protect those from damage.
AS a lightning victim suffers from sudden cardiac arrest cardio-pulmonary resuscitative measures are to be started then and there and be shifted to a near by hospital later.Flash burn victims are to be shifted to a hospital and be managed there.
paradip port

Bay of Bengal - Map of Bay of BengalBay if Bengal
Insulfation mouth-to-mouth.Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.
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  1. #1 by Pouty Lips on July 26, 2009 - 8:02 am

    Do you know if one can be hit by lightening in a pool?

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