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The lord of Lords Shree Jagannath alongwith his elder brother Lord Balabhadra and sister Subhrada reside in Puri,Orissa.They are more loved than worshiped and everybody in this part of world feel the lords as one among themselves. And that is the beauty of the Lords.The rituals performed are more like a mortal human being than God. To be more clear the God follow the life style of human i.e. They take birth, eat,sleep,travel,dress up neatly for various acccasions fall sick and misunderstood by” Maa Lakshmi” ( Wife of lord Jagannath) and also leave this mortal world after a certain time and also buried.Again New bodies for the Lords are prepared of sacred wood and rituals performed as if they take birth called “Nabakalebar” that means new body or birth.
So the Lords had gone to their aunt’s house some 9 days back and will return to their sanctum-santorium to- day. But have to pacify Maa Lakshmi as they have not taken her along with them. This is in very very short about to-day’s ritual called the return journey “Bahuda Jatra”.
They are mingled in the blood and flesh of each Oriya for their humanised way of living and are irreseparable.Now the world also recognoses it and people from all over the world will be seen here.
  Why I write this is for a cause.Because according to definition of health “health is a state of physical,mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” and later on to it spiritual well being could be added.

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