Koen, the Rabies Dog

Rabies spreads from the bite of rabid animals.The disease is seen in animals like monkey,dog,jackel,cat and  mongoose etc..The cardinal sign of an animal becoming rabid is running amoke or melancholia .Once affected usually dies around tenth day.But sometimes healthy carriers are found.That is why it is suggested to immunise the pets for rabies and if not and bitten by them one should get rabies vaccine.This is because prevention is only satisfactory not the treatment.
Apart from this as the mouth contains various types of bacterias and viruses sepsis may occur at the site of bite.Immunization against tetanus is also recommended along with Antibiotics to prevent sepsis.The wound if not large enough is left open and if large needs repairing should be done with infiltration of anti-rabies immunoglobin.
Previously when sheep brain culture vaccines were being used the dose schedule was basing on the classification of type of bite i.e.class one to class three.That vaccine had a lot of adverse reaction and no longer used. Now-a-days very good vaccines are available with minimal side effects if at all.
The doses are almost same for any class of bite.Human diploid cell culture vaccine is by far the best.
Immunization of pets and preventive treatment are the key to beat Rabies. 

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  1. #1 by Gabriele on July 13, 2009 - 12:31 am

    Thanks for sharing the good articles about burns as well as rabid dogs. It is amazing how brutally China handled the threat because of humans in danger. What happened is sad but difficult for outsiders to judge. Reading about cancer is hard for me, as it brings back memories.

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