Hepatocellular carcinoma This specimen is from...Hepatocellular carcinoma

Fever,loss of appetite ,pain in upper abdomen and yellow colorization of eye balls,palms and body point to a disease loosely called jaundice.Actually jaundice is a symptom of an underlying disease.There are a number causes for it and some are age specific.Commonly it occurs due to viral hepatitis.Also there are a number of viruses affecting liver such as hepatitis virus A,B,C and many more.Amongst them most common is hepatitis A followed by hepatitis B.While the former is transmitted through contaminated food and drink the later is through contaminated blood and blood products to the blood of victim.By far the hepatitis A has the easiest mode of transmission especially in the under developed and developing countries.Supply of safe drinking water and safe raw eaten vegetables and fruits are the ways to prevent it which is very difficult to achieve in these countries. A good vaccine is available and can be taken at prescribed intervals to prevent the disease.However hepatitis A usually subsides without much of sequelae.
On the other hand hepatitis B usually goes for a protracted course and may go chronic leading to cirrhosis of lever and much dreaded hepatocellular   carcinoma.Potent vaccines are available to prevent it .Avoiding contaminated syringes,blood for transfusion and other blood products are also important.However in the face of complicated situation it is better to be vaccine protected .So to say the vaccine can prevent a fraction of hepatocellular carcinoma. 

Geographic distribution of Hepatitis A prevale...hepatitis A prevalence
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