Appendicular Lump

                   My patient of Appendicular Lump is recovering from the grave situation.Now the fever has subsided,vomiting reduced and appetite is returning.She was on conservative management.But full oral feed has not been allowed .I think she can take normal diet after another two days.
                          In case she has not improved I would have been forced to discontinue the conservative management in favor of intervention.Now the intervention would have meant drainage of pus from the lump and if possible closing of the stump of the apendix.It could have drawn me to the possible worst complications namely perforation of intestine and damage to the nearby structures.

              But as things improved now I plan to go for an interval appendectomy after a lapse of six weeks.By this time the lump of conglomerated intestines would have resolved exposing the appendix.Adhesion if any would have matured to be safely dissected out .Patient’s general condition must have improved a lot .The infection would have gone.
 Let us hope for the best.

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