Saliva test for early birth risk

A new research to know from saliva test about the premature birth.Before hand it was being searched to get cells for DNA sampling in forensic study.
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Saliva test for early birth risk
A simple saliva test could help spot which expectant women are likely to go into premature labour, experts believe.

Premature baby
It is still unknown why about 40,000 UK women a year give birth prematurely

Early identification would enable these mothers to be given steroids which help in the development of the baby’s lungs, preventing disability and death.

When they studied 92 women deemed to be at increased risk of having a preterm birth, they found the women who delivered spontaneously before 34 weeks had much lower salivary levels of progesterone than those giving birth at term, after 37 weeks.

This measurable difference in progesterone was apparent at all gestational ages from 24 weeks onwards.

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