Solar Eclipse and fasting In India.

Solar EclipseImage by Umesh Behari Mathur via Flickr
A Hindu mythology is linked to it in India. Rahu & Ketu two demons took nectar in disguise while being distributed by The Almighty Bishnu to the Gods and goddesses ..And the Sun God new that and indicated to Bishnu who in turn chopped off their heads from neck . But by that time the demons had drunk the nectar up to their throat and remained alive.When they knew that the Sun God was behind it they rushed to engulf Him.But as they lacked their body from the throat the God could emerge again.And for that time period the Sun is not visible .And the same is the story for the Moon GOD.And the solar and lunar eclipse.
Many fast in this part of world to share the sorrow and the unholy moment.But one good thing is that body is deprived of some calorie at least.Also Indian observe so many occasions in fasting.Probably that keeps them a little trimmed.
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Surya at Konark TempleImage via Wikipedia

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