Beneficiary Of Motor Vehicle Act In India

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It is evident from the recent raids conducted by the Vigilance department/CBI on the houses of the staffs of Road Transport Offices and Motor Vehicle Inspector Offices ,who the actual beneficiary of the Motor vehicle Acts in India are.If with the variously named tips money/satisfaction money paid by the satisfied vehicle owners to the staffs and get passed the fitness test of their vehicles why that amount should not go to the State exchequer ?Now-A-Days vehicles are registered for life meaning can run for 15 years and beyond that has to get fitness certificates.Even if the vehicles are in good shape the owner is made to bend in such a way that he ends up paying the satisfaction money and becomes a friend of those offices.And the vehicles are inspected for name shake only. I wonder what is the benefit to anybody other than those staffs.only one gets tired in the mega show of fitness test.Those outdated vehicles will be running again on the road with their inherent danger to the public.And owners maintaining vehicles in good shape unnecessary get punished.
Why the definition of life of a vehicle can not be modified according to my suggestion to 30 years instead of at present 15 years and no renewal of registration or fitenss after that period .And those vehicles are to be returned to the manufacturers for possible exchange.
By this way the owners get relief along with the officials who waste their valuable time in checking the vehicles.At the same time Govt.can raise the one time registration fee a little bit to fatten the exchequer.
Again this proposal will lessen the tired some work of Vigilance/CBI people as well as the designated courts.
How is the idea ,get a vehicle, ride it for 30 years without hassle and exchange it thereafter for a newer version with a little extra money definitely less than the satisfaction money fattening the pocket with tax free money so called laborious officials.

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