Atrocities Against Husbands

Image by andydr via Flickr

Now tortured husbands in India are being united to fight the atrocities against them.In India even to-day daughter-in-laws/wives are tortured.And the law is in their favor.As usual many a times it is being mis-utilized to harass the husband and their family.In that case the innocents are facing the brunt of the pro-ladies laws.It is hard to know which husband/wife going to torture the other before the type of marriage practiced in India.

Can law prevent the torture ?To some extent that is true.But still there is a number of dowry tortures,deaths and suicides in the society.I think the whole problem lies in the mind set of both sides.Education prevents it to some extent but not in full, as such death and divorce are in rise in higher classes.Also it is true that ladies take the advantage of law to misbehave in-laws.Even I know where new mother does not feed her child and sleep.If mother-in-law reminds she gets an inhuman reply.
In southern India daughter brings her husband to her house and inherits the property.And in that case there is a little scope for torture as both mother and daughter know each other and have long adjusted themselves .But in other parts of India the customs is not prevailing and new faces with different ideologies does not match each other ,so the problem brews.
It is also bad to disproportionately empower the woman.Law is not full proof and sometimes punishes the innocent.To my mind it will be appropriate to take evidence from the neighbors who usually know many things.In case of death of opposite sex the law should be rigid without any bias.
Now-a-days staying together without marriage , a new concept is coming up.There are some taker for it too.But adjustment and tolerance are key to successful married life.

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