Urinary Tract Infection

E.coli ML30.Urine Culture Showing E.Coli a common bacteria causing  urinary infection.

    The burning sensation and severe urge for urination  is very much distressing  for of  a patients of urinary tract infection.Urinary tract stretches right from the kidneys to the urethra.Any part of it may get infected.It is mostly bacterial in origin.But may be due to TB,Sexually transmitted agents and other systemic diseases.Infection may come from local surroundings or from systemic infection.
  The proximity of urethra to the anus makes it vulnerable to contact infection from the bacterias present in faeces.It affects females more as  the urethra is short i.e. only four centimeters in comparison  to males where the length of urethra is nearly twenty centimeters.
   Once infection sets in there is fever,burning urination ,scanty frequent urination and painful urge for urination.Infection may complicate an already existing  urinary stone disease.Or may set in an anomalous urinary passage.It may also set in a disease condition causing stagnation or obstruction to urine flow i.e. enlarged prostate or stricture of urethra.

  Diagnosis is not that difficult if proper history is taken.Mainstay of investigations rest on a routine and microscopic urine  examination,a culture and sensitivity test to know the type  of infection and appropriate antibacterial agents required .Investigation like ultrasonography is done to rule out any other associated or facilitating diseases.Other blood tests to know diabetic and kidney status are also performed.
   In ladies a little prolonged antibacterial treatment is needed as compared to the males where eradication of microbe is a little bit difficult. Diseases   complicating urinary infection or as a result of it need to be treated in it own merit.    


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