Independence Day Celebration In India

India Independence Day
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Independence Day is celebrated in India on 15th August every year to remember the end of British colonial rule and beginning of new era.The sixty third Independence day is being celebrated to-day.
But if we introspect it will be amply clear that the independence is somewhat not complete.Also this is my personal observation.I can categorize people of independent India to at least three categories.The first category includes those who are fully independent i.e. they do whatever they like from illegal to legal.And these are important persons.The second category includes silent sufferers who try to abide by the rules of country.And the third are people who are indifferent i.e. they are not interested for what is going on around.
Let me clarify by narrating a fact that is enacted every day in this part of our country i.e. Pradip in Orissa.This is the deepest port in the eastern coast of India.The road link to the nearest city was very poor.There are two roads which begins as one road from Paradip to diverse after about 5-6 Kms.One road links to Cuttack about 92 Kms distance and the second links to Chndikhol about 82 Kms distance.Both the roads were in bad shape.The road linking Chandikhol made 4 lane recently and the road linking to Cuttck is still under construction since two years.So all the traffic are routed through the road to Chandikhol. Two lanes are marked as one way.But the truckers carrying ores to paradip trough Chandikhol occupy both the down and up roads for about twenty last kilometers to Paradip in order to reach the port early.This puts other commuters in problem as they neither can use the road to Cuttack nor the road to Chandikhol.Even ambulance can not pass in time.It is not a fact that the administration is not aware of it.But it is not resolved since long.

Population density map of India.
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So the first category of independent Indians are the owners of trucks who use the road at their sweet will and hence fully independent.The second category are the common commuters who only cry in wilderness.
And the third category of people are administration who prefer to remain indifferent to the situation.
In my opinion the second category are not independent which constitute the large chunk of population.For them only the Indian rulers have changed seat with British rules from 1947.Our position in transparency survey is well below which tells all together a different story.Our election where the citizens are virtually debarred from casting their vote in many different ways.The worst thing is non existence of name in the voters list.The polling percentage is not satisfactory. The winning person many a times gets less than 50% of total votes in a particular constituency and obviously the wining party forms a Govt. on a minority mandate.The newest controversy is the tampering of electronic voting machines used in elections.
There is crowding of corrupt,criminals,irrational,self centered and power hungry people.This makes life miserable for the majority of so called Indians.A second independence revolution might be the answer.

might be the answer.

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