Slow & Steady Wins

Tram accident in Amsterdam
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Many times people hurry to do something or complete some task.I call it busy for nothing.As for example people drive in a great speed in busy roads even without a head protection.Somebody runs in a busy and mechanized area to reach first.Specially if it is done in a work site of industry accidents are bound to to happen.One person ran to escape from being drenched in rain and fell down in front of a running train wagon and lost his arm .This is a typical story.And thousands happen on the road and in industries everyday.

A dis-articulated or amputated human body part can be re-implanted.This has some prerequisites.Apart from the resuscitation of the victim care should be taken to preserve the amputated  part.A special solution is available to preserve the parts till one reaches the dedicated hospital with in a time frame.But those solutions are not available in rural set up.And consequently the amputated part decays.

But as we know cells do survive for certain time ,approximately 6 hours without oxygen.So when such parts preserving solutions are not available some indigenous fluid may work for some time.The part is to be cleaned with normal saline or a ringers solution.And kept in a clean sterile container if available, dipped in ringers solution widely available in medicine stores.That container be kept surrounded by ice packs .Then can be transported to a nearest hospital where the facility of parts re-implantation is available.

But the best is prevention of accidents and that is possible if one is slow and steady.

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