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The advertisements given in the media are often very attractive and surpass the scenes from the cinema.In India various type of such advertisements are seen .The TV and Newspaprs take the lead.The adds range from cancer cure to  a quick weight loss and many more.The desperate persons especially with medical problems fall victim to it.Consequently they are exploited.I do not know the status in foreign counties.But I hope there might be a system in place to assess the credibility of the facts to be advertised.Sometimes the media  shifts the responsibility with a foot note that they do not endorse the credibility of the matter advertised and advice the watchers to verify the same.

But is it possible for a common man in India to ascertain the truth in it ? A lot of frauds are also  seen in financial and education sector.Will it not be possible to set up a mechanism to verify the correctness of the facts before they are advertised ?

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