Pain Upper Mid-Abdomen-2

Opened :en:gall bladder containing numerous :e...
Opened Gall Bladder with Gal Stones

The tags attached to the disease are fat,fertile,fifty and female are not absolute.It is said for gall stone disease.This disease gives rise to pain in the upper mid-abdomen.Other tags attached to it are flatulent dyspepsia .Some other diseases may be associated with it namely a hiatus hernia , diverticulosis of colon or pancreatitis.

Typically pain comes after a fatty meal.Other symptoms are vomiting ,loss of appetite,jaundice and fever .If associated with other diseases their symptoms also manifest.Gall stones form in a diseased gall bladder,supersaturated bile and infected biliary system .It is prevalent in a areas prone for malaria  and haemolytic diseases such as sickle cell disease.It is said that “Every   gall tone is a tomb stone erected to the memory of bacteria living or dead within it”.

The stones  are of a few types namely a cholesterol stone,a pigment stone or a mixed stone.The inflammation of gall bladder is called cholecystitis.It may occur with a gall stone when it is called a cholelithiasis with cholecystitis . when cholecystitis occurs without a gall stone is called an acalculus chilecystitis.Complications do follow a long  standing cholecystitis.They are gangrene of gall  bladder,pancreatitis,perforation of gall bladder,stone migration  to common bile duct and it’s obstruction, stone obstruction of intestine and  pus in gall bladder to name  few.It  may become associated with a cancer of gall bladder  also.

X-ray of organs during a laprasopic cholecyste...
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Medical treatment for small cholesterol stone may become effective.Nevertheless surgery is indicated for it’s cure.A laparoscopic approach is the gold standard treatment now-a-days.

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