Demi Gods

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Many times during some social festive occasions political parties in Govt. declare some sort of program and say that the project or program is a gift to the people on that occasion.I read the news and wonder , how come this is a gift ?Are these people declaring  something out of the way or providing something  from their pocket. Most of the times the projets declared has a partisan and castes touch.The needy and area of need  are ignored.The political parties are supposed to serve people and it is a part of  the commitment to fulfill that obligation to the people of the country.But instead they behave like demi-gods.

I heard that “Chanakya” the learned minister to “Gupta dynasty”  in India used to work in a personal light while performing his personal work and  blow off the light provided by the king to be used for the govt. work.We claim to be their descendants only for lip service.We are never humble.We want to so our supremacy over common people.Otherwise the statements made should  not have been heard.

I wonder when this mentality will change but hopeful.Sun will eventually appear to take away the darkness.

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