Pain Upper Mid-Abdomen

Region of pancreas
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Alcoholics have the exclusive right to suffer from a disease called pancreatitis.Gall stone disease also take a sizable share from this. All others have some share.

Pancreas is responsible for digestion of protein and fat.If some injury to it’s integrity done by way of being toxic to it ,there occurs inflammation of it’s tissue.There is pain in the upper abdomen. Patient prefers a prop up position or feels better if leans forward.Symptoms may range from mild attack to severe.There may be features of severe shock in form of sweating ,pulselessness and vomiting.Abdomen may be distended and there may be a firm feeling of abdominal wall.

There are several scoring systems to asses the severity of the disease.Diagnosis is based on several blood tests and ultrasonogram.A CT scanning may be needed sometimes.The disease is usually serious and mortality is high.Treatment is usually medicinal and sometimes surgery may be required.

Steps to prevent it is by far the best solution.And the key to it is to leave drinking alcohol.

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