Sepsis after Cat Bite

Cute cat
Image by Per Ola Wiberg (Powi) via Flickr

A middle aged lady came to me  after 5 days of  a cat bite.She was limping. There was swelling at the site of bite i.e.lower leg .It was a hard feeling there.She was getting treatment from one of my colleague and had been referred to me for pain at the site .The wound was in the process of healing.A blood sugar test was within normal range.So I continued the same antibiotics and treatment as prescribed earlier.I was skeptical of the hard feeling which suggest a smoldering inflammation.But no pus point was visible from outside.An X-Rays of the part was taken to exclude infection of underlying bone but was normal.So,I thought the inflammation will resolve.The wound healed after a few days only to show two pus points later.Now I am sure about pus under the skin.That part was explored .A lot of old blood clots removed along with some pus.Now the patient is doing well.

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Retrospectively,I assume that the bite was a little bit  severe  and there was a collection of blood underneath the skin.The collected blood revealed only after the infection.

So, apart from vaccination against rabies the wound should be inspected right at the time of first reporting of patient.Appropriate action for collected blood should be taken along with antibacterial treatment.Vaccination against tetanus is mandatory.

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