Ill Fated Mangolian Ship Black Rose

The ill fated Mongolian ship Black Rose is still 60% down in the water of Bay of Bengal off the coast of Paradip.The chief engineer is still missing.It is in the news that there is risk of oil pollution is imminent which may adversely affect the marine lives.Now it is some 6 days old incidence.I wonder, if it would have been USA whether  the incidence would have been handled in the same manner.I do not know if there has been any vigorous attempt to locate the missing engineer or great effort to evacuate oil from it.I also do not see any national level media coverage about it.Frequently we see live media coverage of rescue operations of child accidentally gone inside bore wells,rescue of wild animals and so on and so forth.What I feel, perhaps the compensation for life is in some millions where as the cost of ship will be in billions which is hindering the operation.We have become less sensitive in some fields and hypersensitive in some other occasions.That depends perhaps on the vested interest we have.Let God help us.

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