Plastic Surgeries for Breast

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Great majority of ladies like to be looked good .An important element for attraction is the breasts. Unfortunately it sometimes does not fulfill the requirement and sometimes becomes worrisome cause for ladies. Broadly three types of breasts need attention of a plastic surgeon. They are small sized breasts, large sized breasts and removed breasts for some disease e.g. cancer breast.

Small breasts need augmentation. Larger ones require resizing. Reconstruction is required for a removed breast. Augmentation is done with silicon gel implants. Through a circumferential incision underneath the breast the implant is put below the breast tissue and gradually inflated to the desired size. The risk of infection, pain and rejection remains. Many adopt this procedure to look good. The second group having very large breasts also sometimes becomes a headache for the ladies and they seek plastic surgery. There are a few procedures for breast reduction. Here required amount of breast tissue is removed and breast is reconstructed. The third group actually needs help where a breast is removed for cancer breast especially in young. Now a days many prefer conservative, minimal or breast preserving surgeries (whatever term one may use).In suitably selected cases this surgery is performed and at the same time reconstruction is also done transferring abdominal muscles to the site of surgery. A nipple is also constructed by a skin graft or shared from the other side. The look after the plastic is very good and indistinguishable from the healthy side.

Incidentally, Sushruta the  great ancient Indian surgeon is credited to be the first plastic surgeon to construct the nose using local skin graft technique.

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