Mastectomy for breast Cancer

External (gross) appearance of a mastectomy sp...
Reseted Gross specimen of Breast Cancer.

There are minimal removal of breast tissue to total removal of tissue in breast cancer depending on the extent or stage of disease. You may go through the url to read more along with the quotes text.


“Who is mastectomy for?

Mastectomy is an effective treatment for breast cancer. Your doctor may recommended mastectomy over other treatment options — such as surgery to remove the tumor only (lumpectomy) plus radiation therapy — if:

  • You’re in the first or second trimester of pregnancy, when radiation creates an unacceptable risk to your unborn child.
  • You have two or more tumors in separate areas of the breast.
  • You have widespread or malignant-appearing microcalcifications throughout the breast.
  • You’ve previously had radiation treatment to the breast region.
  • You have a strong family history of breast cancer.
  • You carry a gene mutation that confers a high risk of developing another breast cancer.

You might also choose mastectomy if:

  • You have a large tumor relative to the overall size of your breast. You may not have enough healthy tissue left after lumpectomy to achieve an acceptable cosmetic result.
  • You have a history of connective tissue disease, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, and may not tolerate the side effects of radiation, particularly to the skin.
  • The tumor is located beneath the nipple and may involve the nipple, making it more difficult to preserve the nipple and areola.
  • You live a long distance from a radiation facility and being there every day for five to six weeks would be too large a hardship.

You may also consider mastectomy may if you don’t have breast cancer but are at high risk of developing the disease. This procedure, called preventive (prophylactic) or risk-reducing mastectomy, removes one or both of your breasts in hopes of preventing or reducing your risk of developing breast cancer in the future.”

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