Damage to Enamel Of Tooth and Wine

Tooth enamel
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“Enjoying a glass of white wine on a frequent basis can damage the teeth, something many wine makers and tasters will know first-hand, experts say.Pale plonk packs an acidic punch that erodes enamel far more than red wine, Nutrition Research reports.It is not the wine’s vintage, origin or alcohol that are key but its pH and duration of contact.xxxxxxxx..In the lab, adult teeth soaked in white wine for a day had a loss of both calcium and another mineral called phosphorus to depths of up to 60 micrometers in the enamel surface, which the researchers say is significant”.

I Quote the above from the BBC news, regarding the enamel erosive activity of wine, the white being more so than the red. Enamel is made up of calcium and phosphorus. Any acid can have a erosive action on it. Calcium reacts with acids to form salts and the erosion. If wine is acidic and if remains in contact for longer period it is likely to cause damage. Brushing immediately after the consumption does more harm as the damaged surface is rubbed off calcium.

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