Vomiting In Inguinal Hernia

Different types of inguinal hernias.
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“I am having vomiting two to three times a day since three days and discomfort in the upper abdomen”, was the complain of my patient.

There was no loose motion, fever and urinary problem. He was seen and prescribed medicines for gastritis one day back by my good friend, the medicine specialist. I thought he should remain in the treatment for some more time. So, I advised him to continue the same treatment and contact medicine specialist for further advice. At this point the patient says that he had a long standing inguinal hernia. Now, my surgeon mind became skeptical and alert to think that everything might not be well. I asked about the reducibility of the hernia, and very much to my expectation, it was not reducing since two days. So, that is the hazard of inguinal hernia. It, many a times becomes irreducible after coming out to the scrotal sac. Now, I examined the patient and found the irreducible hernia in the scrotal sac. But, to the good luck of the patient, it reduced with a little difficulty, aborting an emergency surgery. Now the patient gets relaxed so also me. The patient confesses that he had been advised earlier to undergo surgery, but it got delayed due to his bronchitis problem.

Chronic cough due to various chest diseases, and diseases like stricture of urethra or an enlarged prostate which increase resistance to smooth flow of urine, raise  intra-abdominal pressure and the contents of abdomen may find their way out through a potential weakness in the abdominal wall, what is called inguinal canal. That is termed as inguinal hernia. The contents may get struck to the scrotal sac and become irreducible or obstructed warranting an emergency surgery to release the same. This is potentially a life threatening condition, if timely intervention is not done. The content may become dead, what is called gangrene. Now, as the patient is having an exacerbation of bronchitis, has been prescribed a course of antibiotics with an advice to keep the contents of hernia inside the abdomen and return for an elective surgery after the symptoms of bronchitis alleviates.

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