Struck Fish Bone In Throat

A lady reports to the surgery out patients department three days after a struck fish bone while taking food, with pain inside the neck. She narrates that a fish bone was struck in the throat while taking food; she tried to remove by putting her finger inside the throat, but failed. She again tried to dislodge that by taking bland and dry diet, very much in practice in local folks in India; but failed. She vomited blood while trying to remove it. This type of foreign bodies are usually removed by ENT specialist, and in his absence it came to the surgery OPD. She was examined and nothing could be found, as far as visibility goes in the mouth and throat. She was put to an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy; a nice ulcer covered with scab was visible in the esophagus just below the level of vocal cords. The suspected fish bone was searched up to the exit from the stomach, but in vain. The patient was put on a local anesthetic mixed soothing agent, a proton pump inhibitor and a mild antibiotic. She was advised to take normal diet, not hot; barring chillies and excessive spices. She has not reported back for five days since the advice. It presumed that she is alright.

Many times dentures, fish bones get into throat; but in children different small toys, pins, small batteries, dress hooks and many unusual objects have been recovered. It may sometimes prove fatal, if accidentally finds its way into the respiratory tract. Infants and small children are to be watched while they play, so that nothing is put into mouth; as, at this age they try to gather information about an objects by the lips. So, They put anything and everything to try that and accidentally land in trouble; and the whole family suffers.

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