Vitamin D Can Have Several Protective Effects

You are in my Heart till the sun will never sh...
Image by Thai Jasmine via Flickr

Present day life style of moving in air conditioned cars and remaining confined to AC rooms has been associated with increased incidence of cardiac diseases. It has also been seen that there is increase in cardiovascular events during the winter, particularly so, in the regions located in the high latitudes. Now researchers have found out that, these people have low vitamin D level in their blood; and correlated it to the increased incidence of heart diseases, asthma and many more diseases.

Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin by the activity of ultraviolet rays received from sun. Recent day life style leaves a little room for sun exposure. So there is low level of this vitamin in blood. Over protected children, not engaged in outdoor activity also get less exposure to sun and consequently a low vitamin D level in blood. Low vitamin D level decreases endothelial function. This decrease causes insulin resistance in type II diabetics and worsens diabetes status. It helps in formation of atheroma; a plaque composed of bad fat, calcium and some blood components; which may get deposited in the inner cell layer, the endothelium of coronary arteries. There is increase in blood pressure due to increase vascular resistance. All these factors combined together may be responsible for heart attack; whose incidence rises, particularly in the winter days in the region of high latitude.

Milk and cereal grains are often fortified wit...
Vitamin D Fortified Food

Let us have a little sun each and every day by indulging in some outdoor activities.

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