Phimosis Giving Rise to Emergency Situations

Phimosis Penis.
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There have been several calls from hospital emergency staff in the recent past to alleviate retention of urine in elderly male and the associated pain. The urethral opening is completely closed by phimosed prepuce, the fore skin of penis. The common cause of retention of urine in elderly male is a prostatic enlargement. And in a situation where there is such type of phimosis remains associated, it gives rise to problem in introducing a silicon pipe through urethra to relieve the acute retention. Such type of peculiar situation probably is best encountered in India; where the people do not give attention to the phimosis they might be carrying from their childhood. Here, there is custom circumcision in Muslims and Hindus only go for it as a part of medical treatment. Perhaps there is no atheistic consideration, and people generally shy away from speaking about it. Even these people had enjoyed a good family life.

In this situation, first the prepuce is to be slit open to see the urethra, and glans is to be inspected for cancerous growths; as phimosis is associated with penile cancer in glans and prepuce. Many times there have been very much narrowing of urethral opening to obstruct the passage of urine. The urethra is to be dilated to allow the entry of a silastic pipe called catheter, and first of all the retention is to be relieved as it is a very painful condition, better known to a person who might had been compelled to postpone passing urine after the urge for it due to some reason. After that, a formal circumcision has to be performed. The stricture of urethral meatus may need a minor surgery to keep it open. All these can be performed under local anesthesia.

Though phimosis is apparently an innocent disease may a cause of grave concern.

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