Facebook’s The Password Stealing Virus

As per the news e-mails are being sent to the facebook users to reset their password; on opening it malacious programs are downloaded, which try to steal the informations. So, be aware of it..
clipped from informationmadness.com

Warning – Facebook’s The Password Stealing Virus

Facebook is one of the best social networking sites that have more than 400 million users. Now, Hackers have come with Virus stained spam email to target the Facebook users to steal banking information’s and hack other confidential information’s.

McAfee Inc- Anti-virus software maker said on Wednesday that, “when the attachment is opened, numerous malicious software including the one which tries to steal passwords are automatically downloaded and run”. The Hackers have now targeted Facebook users, by sending them infected messages through the social networking company’s own internal email system. The main advantage for the hackers is that, they can use ordinary Internet email to spread their malicious software.

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