Epic Web Browser for India

New web browser launched. Please read in detail.

Amplify’d from www.epicbrowser.com

Meet Epic.
Your New Best Friend.

the first-ever web browser for India

the world’s only antivirus browser

Maximum. Yes. Maximum Security. For your
browser. For your whole system.

Built in Antivirus: Scan downloads automatically. Scan your system manually. Epic Kills any viruses it finds. Totally free.

Malicious Website warnings: We’ll warn you if you’re about to visit a web site known to host viruses or malware.

Anti-Phishing Protection: A big, bolded domain so you know if you’re at citibank.com or citiphishingsite.com.

Is Privacy important to you?

One-Click Private Data Deletion.

One-Click Private Browsing.

Flash cookie deletion built in. (the first browser ever to kill them).

No Browsing Reports. We don’t store your browsing or search data. Ever.

Read more at www.epicbrowser.com




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