Historical Letters Reached Sixty Years Late Than Never

The nature plays with human, we are both aware and unaware of it. It is a lot of surprise and sorrow for the recipients of letters of a plane crash right in 1950. Please read the details in the original post in “The Telegraph”.

Amplify’d from www.telegraph.co.uk

Letters frozen in time arrive after 60 years

When an airliner crashed near the summit of Mont Blanc 60 years ago, rescuers
fought desperately through storms to reach the site.

Letters from 1950's aircrash at Mont Blanc found by Freya Cowan

While walking away from her University of Dundee colleagues for a lavatory
break Miss Cowan, 22, discovered the mailbag, which, due to rock falls and
melting snow, had descended about 8,000ft over the years.

She found four bundles inside and the postmark on the letter at the top read:
“Bombay, 1950”.

Read more at www.telegraph.co.uk



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