new semantic online operating system

This is something new. Please read the clip and read full in their web page.

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Discover the possibilities

Access to a new world of Internet use

semYOU is a new semantic online operating system with many free of charge riAPPs (Rich Internet Applications), which can simplify the Internet use by several magnitudes. Log in and experience Internet functions, such as social networking, job search, employee search, news, images and document sharing and much more, in a completely new manner. semYOU does not only save your data in the cloud, semYOU is the cloud.

Access to your data from any PC

semYOU is based on the principle idea of networked information and therefore it permits access to your own data from any location and any PC.

Transfer your local files, images and documents to semYOU to ensures that you regain enough space on your local hard drive and that you have a safe backup of your data.

The integrated share function allows you to process your files – as before – easily and comfortably locally and then save them again in semYOU and you can share them with friends or make them available to the public.

Direct start via the web browser, local desktop link or as operating system on your netbook.




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