I like Button Improvised

A new look “I Like” Facebook buttton.

Amplify’d from www.watblog.com
Facebook improvises the ‘Like’ Button

Having its name featured in the recent social networking controversy hasn’t stopped Facebook from pioneering yet another series of features; and these are features that would be added to the infamous (pun intended) ‘Like’ button. The fact that Facebook had evolved such features as ‘Like’, posed a major threat to other Social Networking Sites, forcing them into taking initiatives and launching a counter-attack.


The popularity of this ‘Like’ button is immense as more than 350,000 websites have incorporated this element that results in 3 million and more Likes in a day. To leverage this popularity amongst websites and blogs, Facebook plans to improvise the ‘Like’ attributes, which in verity sounds more than business sense to Me.

Like it and also comment on it: Users can now Like an object (Product, Brand, etc.) and also add a comment to what they liked. Once a comment is added, the user’s profile is updated with every activity that happens thereon. This will give birth to an endless chain of comments. How? Let’s say you Like this post on WATBlog and one of your friends comments on it and this comment is liked by another acquaintance and again you comment on it. The result is a similar scenario as that of having two mirrors facing each other.

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