Coffee Increases Resilience of Great Vessels in Body

Resilience of great vessels in the body increases by coffee. The effect is due to the polyphenol content as claimed by the researchers. It amy be helpful to hypertensives.
It increases alertness due to caffeine content and good for persons engaged in night shift duty.
May not give good sleep to people intend to take a good nights sleep.

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ESC: Daily Coffee Limbers Up the Heart

Moderate coffee drinkers didn’t differ in other dietary habits or in systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels compared with nondrinkers, though.

Multivariate analysis with regard to echocardiographically-measured aortic distensibility accounted for potential confounders including age, sex, physical activity status, creatinine levels, BMI, and diabetes status.

Most of the coffee drinkers in the study consumed traditional Greek blends, which Chrysohoou explained, have higher levels of phenol compounds thought to be protective for the heart than coffee typically consumed in the U.S.



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