Swine Flu in Orissa a Province in India

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Humans as Invaders in the World of Microbes

Swine Flu VirusBacteria, viruses, fungi and other parasites are the primitive inhabitants of this earth, if the Darwin’s theory is correct. Animals, either created in the cosmos or in this earth, came more likely as invaders to their world. They survived as they struggled for existence and survived as “survival of the fittest’.

Swine Flu Virus

Every little space in this earth, air and water is full of those bugs. Still animals survive and continuously defend at each moment to survive. Humans came last to the earth and chosen many animals to remain along with them for various reasons. Human keep pigs for the purpose of food. In this way they contact diseases from them. This swine flu 2009 pandemic, if at all a pandemic is the direct consequence of that.

Human body defense constantly fights against the microbes to keep the person healthy. It is when the defense is overpowered by the invading organism a person suffers from a disease. In case of viruses, particularly the flu virus the defense is very poor to absent as the antigenic character changes frequently. That is why, a vaccine active in one season becomes ineffective in the next season.

It is in the news that pandemic is over. It is alleged that the pandemic is a paper tiger created by some scientists of WHO having a link with the vaccine producing companies and benefited themselves. There is sufficient smoke in it, relying on the report; I quote; “As per the last information available, a total of 76,302 cases of Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 and 2,054 deaths due to the same have been reported from South-East Asia Region (SEAR) as per information on August 5, 2010”. There might be more deaths from malaria and dengue in each year in countries like India and Africa.

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