Blood Test for Colorectal Cancer Developed

A blood test using only 1ml of blood for detecting MiRNA may predict where to go for colonoscopy screening for colorectal cancer, the second most cancer in developed countries.
Now, this test is found to be positive in already diagnosed cases/

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New Blood Test for Colon Cancer Developed

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WEDNESDAY, Sept. 29 (HealthDay News) — Seeking to increase screenings for colorectal cancer, scientists say they have developed an inexpensive and effective method that uses less than one milliliter (mL) of a patient’s blood.

In trials, the new approach — referred to as a microRNA — has successfully detected disease in patients already diagnosed with colorectal cancer.

Next, the research team will launch screening tests among a larger group of patients who show symptoms of the disease. These patients will also undergo colonoscopies, which will be used to confirm the new diagnostic tool’s effectiveness.

“We envision that this type of miRNA profile, once developed and marketed as a screening kit, can be used to screen entire populations in order to facilitate a focused selection of individuals who should undergo colonoscopy,” Nielsen added.




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