Self Driving Car from Google

Google developed a technology for car that drives itself. Something like auto piloting.

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Google developing ‘the car that drives itself’

Google is developing technology that enables cars to drive themselves. The internet giant has announced that it has secretly been working on artificial-intelligence software to control vehicles.

Google has built a car that can drive itself and tested it on more than 100,000 miles of public roads.

It also automatically adjusts the vehicle’s speed depending on the local
limit. Google claims the technology could save millions of lives lost in
traffic accidents.

Engineers from the company have already clocked up 140,000 miles of test
drives, using six Toyota Priuses and an Audi TT equipped with the software.

The trials, which have been carried out around the company’s base in Mountain
View, California, are reported to have been successful.

The only accident is said to have been caused by a regular car driving into
the back of a computer-controlled Google vehicle.

Google, however, claimed that because a driver would always be ready to take
over in an emergency, they still remained in overall control, making them
legally responsible for the vehicle.

The system is said to be several years away from mass production.



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