How to Stay Slim

It has been time and again prescribed to keep refined carbohydrate to the lowest possible level and good amount of protein in diet.
In case of people suffering from kidney and liver disease a little precaution required for taking more protein.
Ordinarily protein requirement for adult without any contraindication for protein is roughly 1gm/Kg and precisely 0,80gm/Kg body weight.
Protein is found in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet. Egg contains best quality of protein.

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Eat more protein, fewer refined carbs to stay slim

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A team of European researchers confirms what many weight-loss gurus have claimed: eating more protein and fewer refined carbohydrates helps to keep the pounds off.

The glycemic index, GI for short, was originally developed for use by diabetics, and indicates how quickly blood glucose peaks after a person eats a particular food. High-GI foods, like white bread, produce a quick spike in blood glucose, while low GI foods, like whole grain breads, cause a slower increase in blood sugar that lasts for a longer period of time. Most food labels don’t list a food’s GI, nor is there adequate information on the GIs of different foods available on the Internet, according to Larsen.

One group with no food restrictions served as a control, the rest were assigned to eat either a low-protein, low-GI diet; a low-protein, high-GI diet; high-protein and low-GI; or high-protein and high-GI. In the low-protein groups, people consumed 13 percent of calories as protein; in the high-protein groups, 25 percent of total energy consumed was protein. People in all of the groups could eat as much as they liked.

According to Ludwig, people can definitely try this at home. “Adding a serving of nuts and beans to the diet every day and cutting back on the refined grains will produce at least as much dietary change as they obtained in the study,” he said. “If everyone in America could cut back on two servings of refined grains and substitute that with one serving of nuts and one serving of beans, the impact on public health would really be potentially enormous, and that’s a change within everyone’s reach.”




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