Deaths Following Passive Smoking

Why the production of tobacco and tobacco products can not be banned worldwide instead of crying in wilderness to stop smoking, putting danger slogans and deadly warnings on the packets.
There is lack of will? Governments want to get revenue?? Or lobby by moneyed people???
How much it will save; in terms of lives; and money from medical spendings of individuals and government.
Will somebody capable enough calculate this!

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Second-hand smoke kills 600,000 a year: WHO study

An advisory image printed on cigarette packs sold in Brazil. Around one in a hundred deaths worldwide is due to passive smoking, which kills an estimated 600,000 people a year, says the WHO. REUTERS/Health Ministry/Handout
600,000 people a year, World Health Organization (WHO) researchers said on Friday.

In the first study to assess the global impact of second-hand smoke, WHO experts found that children are more heavily exposed to second-hand smoke than any other age-group, and around 165,000 of them a year die because of it.

“Two-thirds of these deaths occur in Africa and south Asia,” the researchers, led by Annette Pruss-Ustun of the WHO in Geneva, wrote in their study.

“Policy-makers should bear in mind that enforcing complete smoke-free laws will probably substantially reduce the number of deaths attributable to exposure to second-hand smoke within the first year of its implementation, with accompanying reduction in costs of illness in social and health systems,” she wrote.




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